Sherri Glisson

Watson Real Estate Agent, Former President Collinswood Owners Association (a former BCM customer)

Complete Association Management, Inc solved more problems and outstanding issues for us in their first month than our previous management company did in their last 12 months of management!

Deborah Golino

Elementary Teacher, Former Secretary Walkers Glen (a former PMSI customer)

Complete Association Management, Inc has represented our development for several years. Their outstanding leadership has opened many opportunities for our growth. Through their professionalism, we have been able to keep an open and personal relationship with our homeowners.

Tim Griggs

Former Vice President Collinswood Owners Association

Working with Mrs. Sherrie Jarnutowski and Complete Association Management, Inc has been a pleasure. Mrs. Jarnutowski is always present at our Community Board Meetings and she has never failed to return my call or reply to any of my emails. Sherrie and her staff have always been very professional to me and have shown constant commitment to aid us in keeping our community looking its best. It has been a pleasure working with her and her staff.

Christy Perry

Wachovia, Analyst, Sr. Client Account Manager, Former President Osprey Branch Condominium (a former May Management customer)

Please use my name and number as a reference. The improvements and problem solving that you have implemented in your first few months have been outstanding!

James Paul

Driver, Former President Travis Trace Owners Association (a former Stazac customer)

I am happy to report that the people of Travis Trace have taken notice of our new management company. Mrs. S. McDade has said that you have answered all the questions she has had and you have returned her phone calls on the same day. I also talked to another man who said that he has noticed that Travis Trace looks a lot better after you came on board. As for the Board and I, it feels great to have a MANAGEMENT COMPANY that is involved and works very close with its Board as well with our vendors, such as our lawn service, entrance set up with water meter, so we can run water. Thanks!



August 19, 2009

Christy A. Perry
9390 Underwing Way #5
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Re: Complete Association Management, Inc

To Whom It May Concern:

Currently I serve as the President of the Osprey Branch Board of Directors. I have served on the Board as President for the last two years, and take pride in saying that after much research, as well as interviews, I was grateful to be able to presentComplete Association Management, Inc to the other Board members. We are a small community, and it doesn't take much for things to change rapidly in our neighborhood. Anything from the smallest issue to the largest issue can cause a homeowner to become irritated and want someone to listen to them. Our development started out with May Management, and we soon discovered a lot of problems that they would generate themselves. We had seen many complaints go unresolved for months at a time. This is why I started looking for other companies who wanted to serve us better and offered a rate we couldn't pass up.

For the last two years we have worked closely with Complete Association Management, Inc and have come to respect them as they have us. Any time we have needed to work through a tough decision or change services of any contract, we have always been given other choices and not one time have we been forced to go with anyone we were uncomfortable with. I can speak for the entire Board when I say that we may not have all agreed with choices that were presented at our meetings, but Sherrie and Paul always give us pro's and con's behind each company or change that is looked at. They both have worked very hard in making sure our questions are answered and that we get resolution to any problem.

Complete Association Management, Inc is a great company that responds quickly and has a friendly staff that you can rely on.


Christy A. Perry
(Cell #699-8680)


August 3,2009

Reference: Complete Association Management, Inc Company

To Whom It May Concern:

I became the President of the Saddlebrook Owners Association in May 2005. At that time, we began a search for a new management company for our Association. After interviewing several companies, we unanimously agreed that Complete Association Management, Inc was by far the best choice for us.

Obviously you never really know until you work with a company whether they will live up to expectations; however, Complete Association Management has always met and even exceeded our expectations. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable about Association management issues, very detail oriented, and flexible enough to meet our individual needs as a community. It is a necessity to us to have a professional advisor for serious or controversial issues that occur from time to time. Complete Association Management staff is always available to discuss these issues and help us make the decision which is fair to our residents and right for our community.

In the past, we struggled with collection issues. However, Complete Association Management has found an excellent collection attorney who now handles all of our collection matters. The attorney fees are taken out of the actual monies the law firm collects which keeps us from tying up large amounts of Association monies up front in legal fees. As a result of their aggressive collection efforts, we have seen a sharp reduction in the number of seriously delinquent assessments incurred from year to year.

In addition, Complete Association Management recommended an excellent JSO officer to patrol our neighborhood during off-duty hours. While our neighborhood is definitely not a high crime area, there have been a few incidents where we have all been very grateful to have this officer to handle law enforcement issues.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that all of our Saddlebrook Board Members would join me in giving Complete Association Management, Inc our highest recommendation.

Yours sincerely,

Gloria J. Stephens


If you are looking for a HOA management company, for the reasons I have listed below I can recommend Complete Association Management, Inc without any reservation.


They are professional and yet personable enough that you can build a good working relationship.

They are accessible. Our Board of directors as well as our residents has never had to wait more than 12 hours for a response to a question. (We get compliments from our residents on this).

They do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.

They have earned our Trust and Confidence:

From day one I have felt they are on our side, and their mission is to do what is best for our community.

I have complete confidence in them handling our finances. They provide any and all information requested very quickly, as well as provide real time visibility into our bank accounts. Beyond normal fixed monthly expenses, no money is ever spent without approval of the Board.

They provide experience and guidance helping us to make good decisions, and operate within current laws.

They provide value and results:

They have worked with our current vendors or brought in new vendors when necessary to improve the service we are receiving. Our common grounds look better than they have in years with no increase in costs.

Covenants and Restrictions are being enforced consistently and effectively. This is an area where we have had trouble in the past. We are now seeing properties that were always an issue being cleaned up and looking good.

They do the hard stuff! As with any community as large as ours (547 homes), we have a homeowner or two who just will not cooperate and take care of their properties. Complete Association Management, Inc does the difficult work of going through the steps to take legal action to resolve the issue.

Since we brought in Complete Association Management, Inc, I feel we truly have a business partner who is every bit as dedicated to the success of our community as we are.

Walden Chase Homeowner's Association
Robert Uselman, President

Complete Association Management

--"Dedicated to providing quality management services to Community Associations at an affordable cost!"