I/We are hereby requesting to make the following modification, alteration or addition as described below (check all the apply):

Contractor Information:

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By submitting this application, we agree to the following terms and conditions as described below:

  • Do not commence any work or modification until written approval is granted. If work begins prior to being authorized, the owner will be fined.
  • All installations, alterations and modifications shall be of professional design, quality and materials
  • THe board of directors / architecture review board reserves the right to require additional information and request modifications to the original plans.
  • Any approval granted herein is subject and conditioned upon obtaining necessary approval / permits required from the any city and/or county building and or zoning departments, as may be required in accordance with the local codes, laws and ordinances prior to the commencement of work. It is the owner's responsibility to provide said information to the association to validate the architectural request.
  • Access to areas of construction are to be made exclusively through the individual owner's lot, property and/or unit entrance only.
  • The owner shall be ultimately responsible for any damages incurred to common property, other property and personal injury as a result of the modification or improvement, as we las any additional maintenance cost that may be incurred, as a result of the modification, improvement, violation of the rules and regulations and/or negligence on his behalf and / or his contractors, vendors. The association has the irrevocable right to subrogate damages, expenses and the cost of the defense to the owner.
  • During construction of any approve modification or improvement, all portion of the property shall be kept clean, neat and in an orderly.